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Articles written by Dr. Katina Miles: The information here can really make a difference to you and your family. Knowing your doctor is important. The articles written below provide you with information to help you stay healthy.



Everything Dermatologists Want You To Know About Blue Light Protection Skincare (January 2021)

Diverse Health

Skin Cancer Poses Unique Dangers for People of Color  (July 20, 2015 )


Women's Journal

Turn Up the Volume and Turn Down the Fat (August 2016)

Why Skin Rejuvenation?  (February 2015)

Menopause and Your Skin (February 2017)


Your Health Magazine

Losing Your Hair? Learn the Facts  (April 2015)

Rejuvenate Skin From the Inside Out  (March 2015)

The Winter Itch  (February 2015)

Dermatologists Offer Several Cosmetic Procedures  (October 2010)

Skin Cancer Facts  (March 2010)

What You Need To Know About Skin Cancer  (December 2008)