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Patient Care


Dear Patient: 

We have implemented a policy requiring a credit card to be held on secure file for each patient, effective February 2017. This policy has been implemented due to the current healthcare market that requires patients to be financially responsible for not only copays, but also deductibles and co-insurance. 
Our new policy will require that your credit card will be swiped, similar to any other credit card transaction, and held on file with a third party secure merchant service. Your insurance company will process your claim, pay their portion, and notify us of the total patient responsibility. At that time, balances $15 or less will be charged immediately. For remaining balances above $15, you will receive a statement. Please contact us within 30 days to arrange for payment. After 30 days, we will charge your balance to your credit card on file. Should you have an account credit, the amount will be refunded to your card. 
This in no way compromises your ability to dispute a charge or question your insurance company's determination of payment. You are also encouraged to call your insurance company to confirm your benefits before your visit. 
Please note, there is a $100 fee for No Show appointments. 
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.