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Lutronic ULTRA Specialist

Skin Oasis Dermatology

Dermatologist located in Gambrills, MD

You can revitalize your skin, treat acne, melasma, sun spots, and aging skin with the Lutronic Ultra, a nonablative laser that has been specifically designed to treat all skin complexions. This is a gentle procedure with no down time provided by Dr. Katina Byrd Miles, MD, FAAD at Skin Oasis Dermatology in Gambrills, Maryland. Schedule your skin renewal consultation by phone or online at the office today.

Lutronic ULTRA Q & A

What is Lutronic ULTRA?

Lutronic ULTRA is a nonablative laser that creates microchannels within the skin. These microchannels help the skin to rebuild collagen and allow the skin’s surface to be more receptive to applied nutrients and serums.  

The treatment also encourages and accelerates cell turnover, which increases the overall vitality of your skin. There are numerous benefits to the treatment, and the results start to take shape right away. Improvements continue for up to six months as the renewal processes take place in your skin. 

In most cases, Dr. Miles suggests a range of 4-6 sessions with Lutronic ULTRA in a low setting or fewer sessions, possibly just one, using the laser at a higher setting. She tailors your individualized microchanneling treatment plan after examining your skin and discussing your treatment goals. 

What are the benefits of Lutronic ULTRA?

Lutronic ULTRA can address a variety of tone and texture issues with aging skin. As you get older, your skin quality changes as cell turnover and collagen production slow down. Lutronic ULTRA can renew your skin and reduce common skin concerns like:

  • Sun damage
  • Fine lines
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Melasma
  • Acne

Many individuals interested in anti-aging laser treatments opt for Lutronic  ULTRA over others because of its minimal downtime and the ability to continue with daily activities.  

At Skin Oasis Dermatology, Dr. Miles uses the same Lutronic ULTRA device to perform hair restoration treatments with KeraLase™. 

What should I expect during my Lutronic ULTRA treatment?

The Lutronic ULTRA procedure is not painful or irritating. When you come in for a session, you should be sure your skin is clean and dry. Dr. Miles may offer you a topical anesthetic if you have any concerns about discomfort. 

Once the procedure starts, Dr. Miles uses the Lutronic ULTRA handpiece to direct laser energy at your skin. This may cause sensations like tingling or warmth, but the experience isn’t painful. 

Lutronic ULTRA leaves behind little or no evidence of skin disruption, so you can go about your day normally after leaving Skin Oasis Dermatology. You might experience some slight redness and dryness for approximately 48 hours.  

Lutronic ULTRA can help rejuvenate and restore your skin to its natural glow.  To schedule a consultation, call Skin Oasis Dermatology or request an appointment online today.